Medicine Buddha Marble Stupa Series

A Series of Shows and Interviews 2021-22

We are thrilled to host and interview several individuals and groups who will be working with Diamond Mountain to make the Medicine Buddha marble stupas and pilgrimage path a reality.

Sunam and Hanlie share more about the monthly talks in March. View the series.

Stupa Project Report – January 2024
Our Goal

Fly the Stupa Valley


Celebration: Good Name Stupa
Grand Opening Good Name Stupa
Stupa Project Report – July 2023
Stupa “Good Name” initiated by Taiwan – Construction IV
Stupa “Good Name” initiated by Taiwan – Construction III
Stupa “Good Name” initiated by Taiwan – Construction II
Stupa “Good Name” initiated by Taiwan – Construction started
Stupa Project Report – May 2022
Hearing: Special Use Application
Hearing: Special Use Application

On February 9, 2022, Bob from Line and Space presented the Special Use Application to the County. He did a wonderful job and  we got a conditional approval of SUA with requests for additional surveys and checks

  • Traffic statement
  • Right of way to Fort Bowie
  • Comply with Outdoor Light regulations
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
  • Notice to Clear Native Plants
  • Drainage Analysis
  • Floodplain use permit

Working on these, we keep you posted.


Test Boring to a Depth of 15 Feet

Geotechnical Engineering – Stupa Site 1

Before a building project ever breaks ground, a geotechnical engineer, in our case Western Technologies Inc., evaluated site subsurface conditions and provided information for foundation design, slope or any other ground modifications that may be required. The engineers did 1 test boring to a depth of 15 feet below the existing site grades.



The purpose of the geotechnical engineering services will be to evaluate the subsurface conditions to provide recommendations and/or discussion for the following:

  • Foundation design parameters, including types, depths, allowable bearing
    capacities, and estimated settlements
  • Lateral earth pressures
  • Earthwork, including site preparation, fill placement, and suitability of existing soils for fill materials
  • Drainage
  • Seismic considerations
  • Corrosivity
  • Excavation conditions
  • Cut and fill slopes
  • Slabs-on-grade
Marble on it’s Way

The Taiwan sponsors picked in August 2021 the marble called “Ash” for their Stupa.  After the marble has been stuck in the US due to international shipping problems for a few weeks, it’s finally on its way.


Clearing of Stupa Site 1

Heavy duty machines at Diamond Mountain to clear the site for the first Stupa.


The Sacred Spine
In the center of every stupa there is a fundamental element: the sok shing. Generally, it is placed vertically in the center of stupas, acting as a sacred spine. Like every element in Tibetan Buddhism, it has a sacred value and is thus symbolic!
We completed the required ceremonies and offerings preceding the felling of the perfect tree we found at Diamond Mountain. Thank you to every staff member and volunteer who participated, contributed and made it a once in a lifetime experience!







Stupa Design

The Stupa Design is incredible cooperation between the monastic definitions for Stupa construction and our incredibly architect’s from Line and Space. A special thank you to Bob Clements for his openness to all the requirements from the ancient books.






Project Introduction by Geshe Michael Roach

Project Introduction by Geshe Michael Roach


Consecration Ceremony for Medicine Buddha Pilgrimage Path & Stupas

Consecration Ceremony for Medicine Buddha Pilgrimage Path & Stupas, by Cheshu Rinpoche (1861-1933)







We have been in conversation with our neighbors and owners of the Cochise Marble quarry. They introduced us to their master quarrier in Europe and have sent us a rendering of what marble stupas might look like. They have a CNC factory in Utah that may produce the stupas as well the marble steps going up the mountain. They also have a ceramic business in Vietnam.




Don’t miss the passionate talk by the owner of Cochise Marble, Marco Gonzales, “Extracting the magic marble“.



Then we have been working with the University of Arizona and Albert Bates to plan how we can best create a lush and green lower campus and strive for reforestation of this area. This will allow every person that goes on a Medicine Buddha pilgrimage to stay cool as they walk from marble stupa to marble stupa all the way up the mountain.



Travis gave as well an inspiring talk on how to “Replenish the desert. Restore the Earth”



Selection of Architects

To start we interviewed four organizations to develop a masterplan. A masterplan is the overall plan that guides and governs the project over a period or several years. It brings the vision to life! In the end we selected Line and Space LLC, Architects.

This architectural from came highly recommended by the clients we interviewed, came to Diamond Mountain in person to see the site, are very conscious of sustainable practices and have worked extensively in China. We are excited about working with their team.


Thank you
for your generous donations!

We have been working hard
to put your donations toward
the fantastic Medicine Buddha Marble Stupa Project!

King of Lapis Light (initiated by Dr. Wu)


Sea Dancer (initiated by Japan)


Good Name & Ocean Song (initiated by Taiwan)


Beyond Sadness (inititated by Malaysia)


Finest Gold (initiated by Singapore)


Jewel Moon (initiated by TSAM DE – The World & Vietnam)


Our Goal

Fly the Stupa Valley


The Diamond & the Mountain – by Ven. Jigme

The Diamond & the Mountain – by Ven. Jigme

Listen to her story and the story on Diamond Mountain!



In 2002, a modern group of pioneers came to Diamond Mountain in search of inner treasures: a clear, disciplined mind and an open heart. Their dream was to give anyone who sought a balanced, meaningful life the opportunity to explore their possibilities in the ideal setting, with all the guidance they need. After 15 years the initial vision has actualized. The founders created a place both comfortable and peaceful, remote but accessible, where people from all walks of life can be fully supported in their quest for insight. Ven. Jigme Palmo was one of the earliest Sangha members and also a founder of Diamond Mountain. At the age of ten, the indefatigable Ven. Jigme transferred from public school to a Catholic school because she wanted to study religious philosophy in a deeper way. Later she received her masters’ degree in East-West Psychology from the Institute of Integral Studies and completed all Asian Classics Institute and Diamond Way courses at Diamond Mountain. Over the years she has taught Asian Classics Institute (ACI) course, eleven total courses at Diamond Mountain on the Diamond Cutter and Heart Sutras, plus two courses on how to do retreat.
In the last three decades she has completed more than 3 ½ years total of silent solitary retreat, including one for 10 months and one for 8 months, as well as more than 15 four to six-week retreats. Ven. Jigme has always loved the wildness of the area and the animals that come to see you, especially when in deep retreat. Her global network of students can be found in Mexico, Ireland, Argentina, Canada, the USA and online.


Overview by Ven. Sunam and Hanlie van Wyk


and the Diamond Mountain Team