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Diamond Mountain believes in the art of meditative retreat and encourages newcomers & beginners to give it a try! It’s really simple to do by following our specially designed three-day schedule which includes video classes. With this structure, you are certain to benefit yourself and others 🙂

This retreat guide includes:

  • Retreat preparation videos 
  • A full three-day schedule
  • Links to meditation instruction 
  • Guided meditations


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Dec 2022
27 December 2022
USD550 – USD995

Generate Hope & Healing for 2023

Generate Hope & Healing for 2023 RETREAT WITH THE MEDICINE BUDDHA Includes Empowerment The teachings, practices and prayers of the Medicine Buddhas will help you to generate hope & healing...

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Jan 2023
13 January 2023
USD330 – USD597


THE SOURCE OF ALL MY GOOD With a guided meditation that brings to life each verse Ven. Sumati (David Stumpf) Register   The Source of All My Good by Je...

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Chaotic World Quiet Mind (ONLINE ANYTIME)

Would you like to go through life in a focused and calm way no matter what happens around you? With a mind trained in meditation, you will be able to...

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We’ll Guide You Through a Meditation Retreat at Home (ONLINE ANYTIME)

YouTube Playlist Do you have extra time on your hands, have you always wanted to do a retreat? Grab the bull by the horns, retreat at home!   We are offering...

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Mondays, 4pm: The Twenty-One Verses in praise of Tara

We are reciting the "The Twenty-One Verses in praise of Tara, the Lady of Liberation" 7 times Link to prayer, click me If you want to familiarize yourself with the...

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Tuesdays, 4pm: Dharma Talk

Dharma is a Sanskrit word and can not be translated with one word into modern western languages. In Buddhism it refers to the teachings of the Buddha. In our Dharma...

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Wednesdays, 4pm: Meditation

Diamond Mountain is THE place for meditation and retreat. So let's get meditation going. TRAIN YOUR MIND - Learn how to focus and make your mind do what you want...

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Thursdays, 4pm: Teachings Revisited

We will watch together teachings from the TheKnowledgebase, where there are thousands of hours of teachings available. We will pick the best ones. During larger retreats and programs, dates and...

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Fridays, 4pm: Walking Meditation

A good meditation for beginners to develop awareness, synchronize breath and movement. You can combine it with Mantras as well. We will practice next to our Stupa. During larger retreats...

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