The Diamond & the Mountain – by Ven. Jigme

Listen to her story and the story on Diamond Mountain!



In 2002, a modern group of pioneers came to Diamond Mountain in search of inner treasures: a clear, disciplined mind and an open heart. Their dream was to give anyone who sought a balanced, meaningful life the opportunity to explore their possibilities in the ideal setting, with all the guidance they need. After 15 years the initial vision has actualized. The founders created a place both comfortable and peaceful, remote but accessible, where people from all walks of life can be fully supported in their quest for insight. Ven. Jigme Palmo was one of the earliest Sangha members and also a founder of Diamond Mountain. At the age of ten, the indefatigable Ven. Jigme transferred from public school to a Catholic school because she wanted to study religious philosophy in a deeper way. Later she received her masters’ degree in East-West Psychology from the Institute of Integral Studies and completed all Asian Classics Institute and Diamond Way courses at Diamond Mountain. Over the years she has taught Asian Classics Institute (ACI) course, eleven total courses at Diamond Mountain on the Diamond Cutter and Heart Sutras, plus two courses on how to do retreat.
In the last three decades she has completed more than 3 ½ years total of silent solitary retreat, including one for 10 months and one for 8 months, as well as more than 15 four to six-week retreats. Ven. Jigme has always loved the wildness of the area and the animals that come to see you, especially when in deep retreat. Her global network of students can be found in Mexico, Ireland, Argentina, Canada, the USA and online.