The Path of Hope and Healing


Come find your center again here on our spiritual path in the desert landscape. 
You can find inner peace by walking in nature. Nature is a great healer. Walking in nature, and taking in the views and sunsets can help you calm your mind and connect with yourself again. When we are walking in nature we are connecting to ourselves on a deeper level; it is an opportunity for introspection, reflection, and meditation. As we walk along this peaceful trail in the desert we may come across something beautiful like a flower or tree. Or a large marble Stupa!


The desert landscape is an amazing place to heal
The desert landscape is an amazing place to heal because it allows us to connect with our inner selves, who we truly are beyond our thoughts and feelings. The desert landscape allows us to feel grounded and present, which will help us reconnect with ourselves and feel connected again after suffering an emotional loss or experiencing trauma in our life.

What is unique about this hike?

What is unique about this hike is that it is like a pilgrimage. Pilgrimages frequently involve a journey or search of moral or spiritual significance. It is a search for meaning, purpose, values, or truth. In this way pilgrims are different to tourists: they travel for spiritual reasons, not just to relax or for fun.
Whether you are an aspiring pilgrim or just need to take time to find your ‘center’ again, you are welcome to walk with us. You can also learn more about Tibetan Buddhism, understand temple etiquette, view an ecological restoration garden project, see an indigenous medicine wheel garden, an Apache sacred site, and a Stupa built entirely of local marble. We hope this walk will infuse you with peace and harmony.