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Volunteer @ DM – August 13-19, 2023

When: August 13 – 19
Worktime: 6am – 11am Monday-Friday, join the Summit in the afternoon

you gift your time and skills – you get free housing, free meals, free pickup at Tucson Airport

Summit @ Online – August 14-18, 2023

A series of talks with experts on how to reshape the earth and restore healthy habitat for all the animals and plants.

  • David Seibert on details about the Bear Spring restoration project
  • Josiah Austin on an overview of watershed restoration
  • Francesca Claverie of BRN on restoration with native plants
  • Cholla Duir of BRN on local wildlife
  • Joaquin Murrieta of BRN on rainwater harvesting in a backyard setting
  • and much more………

2 Talks each Day: at 11:30am and 3pm, AZ, Live-streamed from Diamond Mountain
Languages: English, 中文 , Pусский, Tiếng Việt

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    Support the volunteers working onsite building the loose rock damns: