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“Stupas: Meaning and Symbols” by Hanlie and Sunam

Online Zoom

"Stupas: Meaning and Symbols" by Hanlie and Sunam A stupa is something mysterious and beautiful. While the overall shape of the stupa closely resembles the image of a seated Buddha, every part of it - inside and out - is infused with meaning and symbolism. The base of the stupa is fashioned in the form...

Replenish the desert. Restore the Earth. By Travis Mueller

Online Zoom

Replenish the desert. Restore the Earth. By Travis Mueller We have been working with Travis Mueller at the University of Arizona and the newly formed Skyharvest to create a lush and green lower campus. Together with Line and Space a replenishment plan for the desert will ensure that every Medicine Buddha pilgrim stay cool as...

Medicine Buddha Retreat 2021

Diamond Mountain 3209 S Old Fort Bowie Rd., Bowie, AZ, AZ

GO WITH THE FLOW Shamatha, Vipashyana, & the Medicine Buddha Using Emptiness Meditation to Get the Medicine Buddha to Work! WANT TO MAKE YOUR MEDICINE BUDDHA PRACTICE MORE POWERFUL? In this retreat, we will focus on a deeper exploration into the Medicine Buddha teachings and practice using emptiness meditations from the hot-off-the-translation program-press: Light on...

Pilgrim Practices

Online Zoom

Pilgrim Practices There are many different ways to be a pilgrim. This is a great opportunity to learn some of the typical things pilgrims do! In this talk, we compare pilgrimages in the East to those in the West. Who: Geshe Michael Roach, Dr. Blue (Fearless Sage) Where:   Live stream When: Friday, November 19,...

Retreat Production Training (online live)

Online Zoom

CREATING OPPORTUNITIES FOR OTHERS Thousands of practitioners around the world understand the importance of doing retreats, as they are one of the main instruments for reaching highest spiritual goals. Being able to create the space and opportunity for others to do retreats is a powerful way to help them learn a new technique, reset mind...


The Diamond & the Mountain – by Ven. Jigme

Online Zoom

The Diamond & the Mountain Join us on Jan 8, 2022 to listen to her story and the story on Diamond Mountain! Who: Ven. Jigme Palmo Where:   Live stream When: Saturday, January 8, 6 am Arizona, 7 am Guadalajara, 2 pm Berlin, 4 pm Moscow, 9 pm Singapore Tickets: free In 2002, a modern...


Online Zoom

ACI Course 04: WHERE DO WE GO NEXT? This 10 class series will come to these answers through an exploration of such topics as: what makes a perception accurate, who can have an accurate perception, how to perceive things beyond our direct senses, how compassion is developed, how a mind of omniscience could even be...

How we can Help the Situation in Europe (Live-Broadcast with Geshe Michael Roach)

Online Zoom

Live-Broadcast with Geshe Michael Roach Friday, February 25, 2022 WHEN: 9 am Arizona 11 am Guadalajara 17:00 Berlin 18:00 Kyiv 19:00 Moskau WHO: Geshe Michael Roach WHERE: Join via zoom or Youtube live stream To our brothers & sisters in the Ukraine and in Russia February 24, 2022 Our dearest brothers & sisters: We have heard...


Live-streamed from Diamond Mountain

LAM RIM: ACCELERATE YOUR COMPASSION (by ACI) Exchanging Self and Others April 3 - April 10, 2022 Live-streamed from Diamond Mountain More Information on the ACI Website