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Chaotic World Quiet Mind (ONLINE ANYTIME)

Diamond Mountain 3209 S Old Fort Bowie Rd., Bowie, AZ, AZ

Would you like to go through life in a focused and calm way no matter what happens around you? With a mind trained in meditation, you will be able to focus on what matters, to turn off the noise and concentrate on exactly one thing for as long and as intensely as we want. By...

We’ll Guide You Through a Meditation Retreat at Home (ONLINE ANYTIME)

Diamond Mountain 3209 S Old Fort Bowie Rd., Bowie, AZ, AZ

YouTube Playlist Do you have extra time on your hands, have you always wanted to do a retreat? Grab the bull by the horns, retreat at home!   We are offering a series of videos walking you through the steps on how to set up and do a retreat in your own home while you have...

Mondays, 4pm: Asian wisdom word by word. Join us for Xuanzang’s Tower with Geshe Michael Roach

Main Temple 3209 S Old Fort Bowie Rd.Bowie,

We are thrilled to share that Geshe Michael will be teaching live online translation classes weekly for the entire year. Geshe Michael and the Mixed Nuts translation team will explain the essential meaning of ancient classics and how to apply these ideas to our modern lives. We will watch together at the Je Tsongkhapa Student...

Tuesdays, 4pm: Yoga

Main Temple 3209 S Old Fort Bowie Rd.Bowie,

Unlock Inner Harmony Join us to embrace the power of a peaceful mind through stretching exercises. Moving your body with the knowledge of ancient classic wisdom, you will not only cultivate physical health but also foster a resilient, sharp, and focused mind. Come to discover a journey where body stretching is the key to mental peace...

Wednesdays, 4pm: The Twenty-One Verses in praise of Tara

Main Temple 3209 S Old Fort Bowie Rd.Bowie,

Welcome to the transformative practice of reciting "The Twenty-One Verses in praise of Tara, the Lady of Liberation." In a world filled with constant demands and distractions, taking the time to attend this recitation holds immense value for your well-being and spiritual growth. When joining in the recitation of these verses, you open the door...

Thursdays, 4pm: Meditation

Main Temple 3209 S Old Fort Bowie Rd.Bowie,

Diamond Mountain is THE place for meditation and retreat. So let's get meditation going. TRAIN YOUR MIND - Learn how to focus and make your mind do what you want it to do. We regard meditation as mind training to be able to have deep realizations which help us progressing on the spiritual path. Each...

Fridays, 4pm: Teachings Revisited

Main Temple 3209 S Old Fort Bowie Rd.Bowie,

We will watch together teachings from the TheKnowledgebase, where there are thousands of hours of teachings available. We will pick the best ones and discuss all your questions. During larger retreats and programs, dates and times, are scheduled to changes. Please check in with us if you want to join. VEN KAT, LOBSANG KADING Spiritual...

Reshaping the Earth Summit

Online Zoom

Summit @ Online A series of talks with experts on how to reshape the earth and restore healthy habitat for all the animals has taken place in August 2023. Come learn about this amazing ecosystem and how to restore arid lands. Ecological restoration experts gave 45 minute lectures during the week long event on subjects...