Are your ducks in a row for retreat?

Translated by google, please forgive any error made

Do you dream of joining the amazing retreats of the World View Organizations in 2024?

We want to see you there too!

But sometimes it’s hard to find the time, the money, or the visa to be able to attend in person or online.

Why not plant your retreat with someone who wants the same as you?

By signing up, we will connect you with that person and guide you through your journey to retreat using the 4 Steps.

How does it work?

  1. Say what you want.
    Click on Sign me up and fill out the form. We want to know what you want to plant. Is it money, time or visa to travel? Or maybe the time to be able to attend online and go into full retreat experience.
  2. Find somebody with the same goal.
    You will receive an email with the contact information of your partner the latest 7 days after signing up. Please contact them and set the time and date for meeting for the first time. Go to your favorite coffee shop, have a video call, your choice!
  3. Meet once a week.
    Help each other by sharing tips for how to obtain your visa, find a babysitter, get flight discounts, make some extra money, fill in for your colleagues to go on vacation, or anything that will help you reach your goal.
  4. Coffee meditation.
    Don’t forget to do your coffee meditation every day! Be happy about helping somebody else reach their goal.

See you in retreat!

…In case the seeds don’t open in time, if you submit 8 weekly reports about your meetings, you’ll get a free online participation, including the symposium (USD 99).

More Information

Useful resources to learn more about the 4 Steps and starting to work on your plan.

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