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House 5: De Lam
House 5: De Lam
House 5: De Lam
House 5: De Lam

    Centrally located near main road with views of neighboring cottages. 190 sq. ft. for the kitchen & 220 sq. ft. for the bedroom.


    1 bedroom with twin bed, appropriate for an individual retreater.


    Full kitchen with a small stove.


    Full bathroom with separate entrance (privy toilet).


    Meditation area in the bedroom, moderate space for yoga or other movement practices.

  • HEAT

    Wood stove in the bedroom and practice area.


    On-demand propane hot water heater.


    Round earthbag construction (flexible-form rammed earth).

  • Seasons

    2-season (fall, spring) house.

Nestled on a hillside amidst junipers, De Lam, or “Joyful Path”, consists of two round buildings made of compacted adobe. Adobe construction helps keep temperatures comfortable during warm or cool weather.

Here you can enjoy the benefit of being centrally located in the Retreat Valley with easy access to the main road. Despite this proximity, the bedroom and practice space feel secluded and quiet. There is room for meditation and moderate movement practices on a new cork floor. The separate kitchen building has tile flooring and a ceiling fan and the bathroom is located between the kitchen and bedroom structures.

Due to long-term occupancy, C5 is not available at the moment.

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