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Medicine Buddha Retreat

December 10, 2020 - December 20, 2020
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Do you want to
help others & heal the world?

The teachings, practices and prayers of the Medicine Buddhas will help enable you to heal yourself and your community. During this 10-day Medicine Buddha retreat you will learn from the ancient and original Tibetan text exclusively translated for this event. The focus will be on practicing the sadhana, meditation, mantra, vows and reciting the sutras. What matters is applying what you learn for maximum impact so that you can create the karma to benefit all beings. Taking a deep dive and practicing with integrity will increase the power of the healing.

To gain mastery it is best to dedicate 10 full days in a retreat setting or choose a more flexible study schedule. This could be done at home or in a retreat setting of your choice. Either way, you should plan to set aside the time and space to complete the retreat.

Ideally one would spend time at a retreat like Diamond Mountain which offers unparalleled conditions for retreats of all types. At this time we encourage you to do this retreat at home or at a safe retreat place in your country, maybe together with other participants. As soon as it is safe we would be delighted to receive solo retreaters and groups at Diamond Mountain 🙂

Where: Exclusive live stream from Diamond Mountain Retreat Center & recorded classes
When: 11-20 December 2020

Sign up for this unique opportunity so that you can receive the blessing to study the Medicine Buddha teachings, practices & prayers!

At the beginning of the Medicine Buddha retreat you will pledge to develop the wish to become a Bodhisattva. A Bodhisattva is a person with bodhichitta. Bodhichitta is the wish to attain pure and total enlightenment for the sake of all other beings. This wish is your intention to develop the characteristics of a Bodhisattva!

“You already have the seed to become a Buddha but it needs to be awakened. But in order to take Medicine Buddha empowerment we have to commit to the wish, and you need the empowerment to do the practice.” – Geshe Michael Roach

That commitment has a special ceremony that was written by Arya Nagarjuna. The ceremony to take the wish will be live streamed and is a requirement to take the Medicine Buddha empowerment. The empowerment allows you to learn the Medicine Buddha sadhana and practice the mantra. This all takes place during the first two days of the retreat.

If you already have the wish or action vows it is always good to take them again!

After the retreat you can take the Bodhisattva Vows course (ACI 7) which is included in the retreat package. You can study (alone or as a group) through January and February 2021, which we highly recommend. On completion of the course work and when you have sufficient courage and determination to truly make a difference – you can take the Bodhisattva action vows. If you choose to take the Bodhisattva action vows, you commit to practicing and keeping those vows.
Geshe Michael Roach will be giving the Bodhisattva action vows in a worldwide ceremony that will take place online late February or early March 2021!

Yes! If you are not able to set aside this time we also offer a reduced schedule to allow you to fit it into your life. At a minimum you should set aside 3 hours a day for classes and another hour to practice reciting the sadhana in your own time. We recommend, however, that you attend the full 10 days to get the best result.

It is highly recommended that you attend the full 10 days to get the best result. You will be able to study in your own time but you may then miss out on attending the live streaming of some classes and Q&A’s. It is important to remember that the blessing on the first day will ONLY be available via live stream. By receiving the live streamed blessing on the first day you make a commitment to the teacher to study the full curriculum.

Once you have registered for your preferred program, we suggest you book 11-20 December 2020 in your calendar and arrange for time off. Next you should decide if you prefer to do a solo retreat at home or at a special retreat place (like Diamond Mountain) near you, or join a small group organized by a local representative. Over the next few months you will receive more information about the upcoming event, how to plan and prepare for your retreat.

You will, depending on your package, receive a retreat schedule or will have one created specifically for you. Once you receive your schedule you can read more about how to do a retreat at home. It is important to take the time to create a space that is safe and quiet, have enough food, make sure your family is taken care of and that work will not intrude during this time.

Perhaps it is not possible to do a retreat at home. There are organizations, like Diamond Mountain, that specialize in individual and group retreats. Here retreaters are supported by a team of knowledgeable, experienced meditators. Staff are there to care for guests in every aspect of their retreat experience, from guidance in how to prepare for a retreat to meditation instruction and much more. Search for a retreat center or quiet place near you where you could complete your retreat undisturbed. Please make sure that you have access to the internet.

Being part of a group (especially if you are new to doing retreat) is often a great idea. Of course it has to be done with great care and safely during COVID. We have asked seasoned practitioners to host retreat pods. A retreat pod is a gathering of retreatants that experience a mix of time alone as well as some group interactions. If you like this idea, we will send you a list of the local organisers near you.

Here is what a daily schedule looks for this retreat. Please be aware that depending on your time zone the order might be different and participants will receive a time zone adjusted schedule for the ten days. Your schedule will help you know what to do for every hour of each day so that you can focus your full attention on learning and practicing. In the Lapis Lazuli package you can create an individualized retreat schedule with the guidance and support of a senior teacher.

5:00 AM One-Day Vows / Light Breakfast
6:00 AM Live Class with GMR
7:00 AM Q&A
8:00 AM Meditation
9:00 AM Preliminary Practice /
Daily Practice (Jorchu & Sadhana)
10:00 AM Yoga
11:00 AM Meal Prayer and Meal of the Day
12:00 PM Nap / Walk / Free Animals
1:00 PM ACI 7 – B’Vow Class
2:00 PM Mantra Practice
3:00 PM long / short Sadhana
4:00 PM Class
5:00 PM Song of MB
6:00 PM Guru Yoga
7:00 PM Journal & Bedtime

Dharma is always free. All retreats, even virtual ones, have certain costs and many people working in the background to bring the Dharma to you. For the Gold and Lapis Lazuli packages we have added more interactive elements and therefore suggested a small fee to cover some of these costs. Additional donations and sponsorships are always welcome as Diamond Mountain is a 501(c) organization that relies on your generosity.

If you are inspired and would like to organise a small retreat group in your area or city, please contact [email protected] or [email protected] for more information.


Diamond Mountain Retreat Center strives to respect all the laws and regulations of all places and countries in the world, including those where Buddhism may not be an approved practice or religion. Our policy is to not advertise to people in locales where there may be restrictions nor encourage people to attend any of our programs online where they would not otherwise be permitted. We ask everyone who is participating in these events to also respect those laws and regulations as well and to not send information, even in a personal way, to those people and places where our programs may not be permitted.


Start: December 10, 2020
End: December 20, 2020
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