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Diamond Mountain Cottages are well-equipped with a complete kitchen and all the comfy interior decor you need for your retreat experience. But after more than 10 years of use, a lot of it needs replacement to continue giving you the experience of retreating in paradise.

Check the Amazon Wish List we have created for each cottage

We have chosen items for each cottage that need replacement. If you would like to purchase and donate one of these items:

  • Click on your favorite cottage and the Amazon Wishlist opens.
  • Add the item(s) you would like to send as a gift to your cart.
  • During check out, Diamond Mountain will automatically be available for you as the shipping address. That’s it.

Thank you for “Paradising” Diamond Mountain retreat cottages!

P.S. If you want to replace or add something to a cottage that you don’t find on the list, please let our Hospitality Manager, Kaia, know so she can add it to the list. Hospitality Manager Kaia and let her know, she will add it to the list for you.