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Covid lockdowns, war, and economic troubles have made it hard for people who want to join in and offer their time to help our Steps-on-the-Path Retreats and Diamond Mountain Retreat Center. We are creating a special fund that will give these people Tonglen Service Grants so they can offer their time and service to these two organizations.


A Tonglen Service Grant gives a worthy person two years of funding to help them with their expenses to serve as either a full-time or part-time employee for the Steps-on-the-Path Retreats and Diamond Mountain Retreat Center. The grant is renewable every two years, depending on a performance review and funding availability.

Why Tonglen?

Tonglen, or “Giving & Taking,” is an ancient meditation practice of taking away other people’s problems and giving them happiness. A Tonglen Service Grant gives a person two years of part-time or full-time support through the Steps-on-the-Path Retreats or Diamond Mountain Retreat Center, as a staff member. Applicants for the grant will be expected to (1) maintain and keep a journal record (which will be checked) of a serious daily practice, with at least 30 minutes daily Tonglen Meditation; (2) go through training and work as a staff member in fields such as online tech, organization support skills, online translator, or similar tasks; and (3) participate happily in related “dirty work” logistical tasks that we all need to share, like kitchen or cleaning service!


Recipients of a Tonglen Service Grant can apply to work out of their home, anywhere in the world; or to work at the related offices in Sedona, Arizona, USA, or at Diamond Mountain Retreat Center in Bowie, Arizona.



We are actively fundraising for the Tonglen Service Grant Program. Our goal is to raise $100,000 for this program. Check the History below!

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