John and Jack build the porch with the painting crew of Saci and Daniel putting on the finishing touches. The new porch at cabin 9 provides a relaxing spot to have tea and listen to songbirds or meditate. Enough space to get your yoga on as well! Or take a delicious nap, we won’t judge.:)
The desert environment here at Diamond Mountain certainly challenges us to keep our buildings and facilities in good working order. The magnificent sun and the powerful wind here in these wild mountains and valleys provide magical moments here on the land as well as taking their toll on the structures. Our team of wonderful volunteers and staff are up to the task!
In addition to the regular maintenance needed, we are always looking for ways to improve and upgrade in ways that serve the guest experience and help to preserve these cabins that were built with love and generosity. It is a continuous and systematic effort of care that provides so many opportunities for rejoicing.

Thank you to all of our generous donors who have contributed!
May you always be surrounded by love and feel secure.

In addition to construction and painting projects, we are busy with power system and battery upgrades throughout the retreat valley:

  • Cabin 9 power upgrade, house converted from 12 volt to 110 volt.
  • Cabins 14 and 20: New lithium batteries installed with longer battery lifespan, power usage improvement and easier maintenance.

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