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Tucker Peck of eSangha – Dharma Teacher @ eSangha

“I picked Diamond Mountain for the beauty and for the price.  Meditation retreats, even done cheaply, are still expensive by most people’s standards.  You guys keep costs very low for students and offered that people who couldn’t afford your reasonable rates could bring their own food to get the cost even lower.  Also, as a solo teacher without an institute behind me, many centers wanted deposits that would have emptied my personal bank account. Your generous cancellation policy and that you didn’t need an up-front deposit made our retreat feasible in a way that other centers didn’t.

Our group voted unanimously to come back to Diamond Mountain.  We loved the grounds and the beauty of the place. We also particularly loved the staff and the way we were taken care of.  You were more flexible than we could ever have hoped for, and I don’t think I ever asked for anything you didn’t say “yes” to!

I usually leave retreats totally burnt out from all the work, but the staff took such exquisite care of our needs that I didn’t have to do anything except teach, and by the end of the 10 days I left feeling great.”

Alexandra Lassnig from Austria – Retreater

“There was nothing lacking in order to do a good and successful retreat. It was comfortable and warm. The vegetarian and vegan meals were wonderful.

The environment is astonishingly diverse and the quietude is very precious.

Thank you so much for providing such a safe environment with so much freedom to develop myself.”

Rachana Bhatia from New York, USA – Retreater

“I loved my stay at Diamond Mountain – thank you to all the staff and volunteers for making it a perfect sanctuary to learn and progress along the path! What a blessing to be able to stay in a place where there are such knowledgeable teachers and where there is silence (both for my ears and my eyes since the cottages are nicely spread apart) so I can keep my mind focused.

In the hills of Diamond Mountain I have been exposed to invaluable teachings that make me a better person and help me understand the world around me, I have met people who I now love and hold as dear friends, and I now feel that I am contributing to helping other people be better off in a way that is greater than my simple generosity before.

None of these would have been possible without your hard work and kindness. Thank you greatly…”

Victor Gonzales from Mexico City, Mexico – Retreater

“I’m enormously thankful with Diamond Mountain (the place and the people) because we have an opportunity to change our lives in a perfect place -like nowhere in this world- with amazing people – like none on this planet- and amazing and priceless teachings.

When I said “we”, I mean people all over the world.”

Sonja Pettingill from Pennsylvania, USA – Retreater

“The goodness and wondrousness of this place is not possible to put into words and I thank you with all my heart for your labors of love as you make this place a delight to be in!”