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Hanlie’s fascination with human behavior started while growing up in South Africa. An adventure seeker and serial entrepreneur she started her first of several businesses at the age of 23 followed by a career that spans three decades and four continents.

As a social scientist she was inspired by Nelson Mandela who said: “People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love”. This quote also formed the basis of her Ph.D.  In the last decade, her focus was on behaviorally designing the world of work to humanize workplaces by creating a culture of tolerance and connectivity.

She started meditating and doing spiritual retreats in the early 2000s. A friend introduced her to Asian Classics Institute courses where she received teachings from Geshe Michael Roach, Lama David Stumpf, and Lama Marut.  She taught herself yoga from The Tibetan Book of Yoga, expanded her repertoire to Ashtanga, Inyengar, and Bikram only to find her way back to the yoga of Lady Niguma. A trip to the temples of Thailand forever changed her life. After moving to the US she found her Sangha in Chicago.

Hanlie took the long road to get to Diamond Mountain. She was the last volunteer to arrive before the COVID-19 lockdown and the instant she set foot on the property she knew she was not going to leave in any hurry. She is on a mission to create a retreat center where guests can find their spiritual oasis in the desert and leave feeling spiritually reconnected, mentally rejuvenated, and physically restored.

How Understanding Karma and the Buddhist Principles has helped her:

For me, the value lies in applying the principles to every encounter, situation, and interaction. As a closet nerd, I strive at all times to bridge the gap between principles, theory, and practice. The result is equanimity, perpetual learning, and loads of fun!


Volunteer Co-Director

“Happiness is when the bass starts to play” – isn’t this the perfect life theme for an ordained nun?”

Venerable Sunam is passionate and joyful in everything she does and mixes  “rock ’n’ roll” with  a touch of German efficiency. She is a licensed veterinarian, successful IT project/program manager, and is working as a database specialist for multi-million dollar international projects. As volunteer co-director, she goes above and beyond to create a remarkable retreat experience for guests and retreat producers.

After decades of chasing her own happiness with egoism, hazardous sports, lots of work and not getting anywhere, Ven. Sunam discovered Dharma in 2005 by reading the Diamond Cutter by Geshe Michael Roach. Ever since she has been studying, teaching, and translating ancient texts with joy and happiness, transforming herself into a kinder person. Ven. Sunam has studied all 18 ACI Courses and 11 DCI Seminars, has attended nearly all LAM RIM Retreats and several Translator Terms. She is also a certified Sivananda yoga teacher since 2004.

She fell in love with Diamond Mountain and the desert during her first visit in 2014 and has the passion to preserve the silence, nature, and magic of this exceptional place while transforming it into “the retreat” place for modern time. She supports Diamond Mountain as a volunteer from Germany in any online subjects.

How Understanding Karma and the Buddhist Principles has helped her:

Through applying the principles in my life: become a much happier person, be able to work part-time in a management position, time & money to travel the world to attend teachings, having deeper fulfilling relationships with people, a loving relationship with my family esp. my mother after decades of tension.


Maintenance Manager

Luke, a.k.a. ‘Master Luke’, has multiple trade skills coupled with the patience and dedication for problem-solving that are worthy of a true Jedi. As the youngest of 15 children growing up in a hard-working family of mechanics, welders, roofers, builders and backyard inventors, he naturally learned and assimilated many of these skills at a very early age.

Luke is a California native whose family moved to the quiet town of Bowie, Arizona in the late 80s. During a two-year stint in Las Vegas he worked at his brother’s successful roofing company, learning the trade and eventually becoming a foreman with his own work crew. Upon returning to Arizona in the late 90s, he met his life partner, Kaia. During the course of building their homestead in Bowie, he discovered the world of solar power and a talent for woodwork.

His sought-after skills led him to a relationship with Diamond Mountain Retreat Center in the early 2000s where he took part in many of the building projects leading up to the three-year retreat in 2010. He masterfully crafted the beautiful mesquite doors and windows in the intriguing Blue Sky dome. He felt an immediate sense of kindredness to the place and the people.

In 2019 he took on the position of facilities manager. Luke’s patience, compassion, love of nature, the pursuit of spiritual growth, and talent in multiple trades make him a perfect fit for the job. His mission at Diamond Mountain Retreat Center is to maintain a beautiful and comfortable environment for people to relax and enjoy their retreat experience.


Spiritual Caretaker

Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” -Margaret Meade

Spending part of her childhood in Africa instilled in her a deep appreciation for beauty and simplicity. Kat attended school at Nairobi International School, played violin professionally, studied with British Riding Academy and Ethnomusicology at UCSC.

Passion and belief in successful evolution for humankind drive Kat. During her early twenties, Kat worked for the president of a fast-growing start-up fulfilling multi-national contracts with royalty and governments. This extraordinary experience implanted the confidence in her that any problem can be solved while having lots of fun. For the next 30+ years, she launched successful start-ups in catering, film, fine art publishing, a school, a newspaper, and developing products benefiting rural communities globally.  With two pre-school sons, Kat moved to the wilderness in Southeast Arizona where she built their homes.

In 2002 in the same wilderness, she met Geshe Michael, and life changed.  She gave away businesses, sold land, and moved to Diamond Mountain. For the next nine years, she helped build and operate the first buildings on the land as a volunteer. In her exuberance, she also completed advanced coursework; finished a 3-year retreat; became an ordained nun; worked for the Asian Classics Institute;  and helped launch the Sedona College of International Management in Arizona.

Now joyfully back at Diamond Mountain, Kat serves as caretaker for retreaters and ceremonies, continues studying and volunteering for world-view groups.

How Understanding Karma and the Buddhist Principles has helped her:

Using the four steps and the four powers has given me a logically-proven way to tailor-make my life. It’s been super-fun to practice and watch relationships shift, beautiful homes appear, health restored and wisdom spread, with happiness and freedom in others around me, too.


Volunteer Maintenance & Caretaker

John feels responsible for all the things you might never notice at Diamond Mountain. He works behind the scenes to make every interaction a five-star experience for visitors when they are here. He likes to figure out tricky puzzles, loves efficiency, and being useful. If you want something done, ask him and be delighted that a short while later, it’s done.

His experience working at Taco Bell, Toyota, in the Army, warehousing, compressed gas industry, and CNC machining, gives him the broad range of experience that makes him ideal for working on the Diamond Mountain maintenance crew where there are myriad of challenges coming at you and you have to figure it out.

 He likes the challenge of making eggs for large crowds, is an amateur photographer, and has an eclectic and ever-growing music collection. And, if you see him doing the dishes, leave him to it.

How Understanding Karma and the Buddhist Principles has helped him:

Serving by being useful and applying the Dharma to everyday life is what matters most to him despite completing the ACI courses and studying the Three Principle Paths. You will often hear him asks ‘to what end?’, causing you to pause and reflect. When asked about his greatest accomplishments he says: “If I died right now, I can say I stopped killing bugs intentionally”


IT Manager & Musician

Steven’s two main interests revolve around psychology and music, with his main passions being amongst his instruments and voice. He plays approximately seven instruments but if you ask him, he’ll probably tell you singing is the most personally powerful.

Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, Steven is a regular at Diamond Mountain since he grew a fondness for the Dharma years ago. In early high school, he began considering how many people who have what others seem to want, aren’t fulfilled. While looking further into what such a goal actually consists of, he discovered the teachings laden within all wisdom traditions, and particularly those articulated in Buddhism.

Steven started as a regular retreater at Diamond Mountain and has since started managing their advertising and website development. When available, Steven often utilizes his time at Diamond Mountain to record and further his music projects.

He is also a research assistant at the University of Arizona’s SEMA Lab, where he contributes to a mission of using new Noninvasive Brain Stimulation Technologies to enhance mindful awareness. He recently graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Neuroscience & Cognitive Science and works as a freelance software developer and musician when he’s not volunteering with Diamond Mountain.

How Understanding Karma and the Buddhist Principles has helped him:

Having spent a relatively good amount of time on retreat, I feel like I can confidently say that the practice of meditation in the context of the dharma has been the most impactful blessing to enter into my life. I believe that self-awareness is the driver of progress for both the individual and the collective and that through discernment and earnest effort we can achieve anything. 


Hospitality Manager & Multi-Media Artist

“No matter what someone has done to you, don’t treat them as bad as they are, treat them as good as you are.”

Maya Kendrick is a multi-media self-taught artist and photographer born and raised in Arizona. At the age of 10 years old she was published in 6 issues of TeenInk magazine. She later took a summer painting class and picked up a paintbrush for the first time, immediately she fell in love with the use of color. Maya pursued a fine Arts degree, and with the encouragement of her German instructor Matthias, went on to publish over 10 paintings and photographs in SandScripts annual magazine(s.)
Maya aspires to inspire the young and the old, all who search for deeper meanings in this life. Her goal is to fabricate her art in a way that reflects raw emotion and portrays the deep desire for humanity to step beyond old ways, into nature, and discover new paths, towards a brighter future, for us all.
Since a young age, Maya has had an unexplainable urge to step within, and adventure beyond the unknown in the hope to spread love and find a deeper connection between all beings, whether big or small. Growing up, she happily involved herself in religious organizations, volunteering at homeless shelters, and doing missionary work with her church. Since then she has found peace at Diamond Mountain in the practice of mediation, yoga, and Buddhist principles that have aligned with her values, most importantly protecting all beings.
Her new role as hospitality manager is a great asset to Diamond Mountain and another way of bringing joy to those who visit. Her goal is to make each guest’s stay supersede their expectations.


Experience Manager & Yogi

Saci has been teaching Integral Yoga (RYT 500) principles and practices since 2008 using them as tools to uncover the Divine Self within.  Before moving to Diamond Mountain Saci was serving as Operations Manager and Teacher Trainer with Satchidananda Ashram in VA and Integral Yoga Institute of San Francisco. She owned and operated a successful performing arts center and ballet company as part of her eclectic 25-year career as a professional dancer, teacher, and choreographer. In addition, she and her partner founded a software company focusing on interactive multimedia and training programs

Her enthusiastic style exemplifies that it’s not the type the service performed but the attitude that makes the magic. 

“Upon arriving in Diamond Mountain, I immediately resonated with the mission of the organization and the beautiful people. Every soul here, unique in their own service full way, is filled with love and compassion for all beings. They truly walk the talk and the Buddhist teachings have opened my mind and my heart in infinite ways. It is such a blessing of being a part of this community and the magnificent setting is indescribable.”


Artist At Large

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”…this quote by Rumi has long been a favorite of Kaia’s in that it well summarizes her passion. A successful and long-time artist, her love for the visual arts blossomed at an early age in the heart of the rain forest of the Pacific Northwest.

Kaia first discovered Diamond Mountain when Ven. Kading commissioned her in 2004 for an artistic project at the Jamyang house where she painted the walls inspired by the art from a traditional Mongolian yurt. She continued building relationships with Diamond mountain, taking on the huge honor of illustrating the maps for the King of the Dharma book project, published in 2008.

In 2012, Kaia made the decision to pursue her art full time, which lead to a booming art career that persisted for 8 years.  Kaia has found a purpose for her love of creating and sharing beauty with her consideration for details and the aspiration to assist and assure a comfortable, beautiful experience for all our Diamond Mountain guests.


Volunteer Coordinator

Jack was born in Columbus Ohio, and is an avid traveler interested in cultural studies and the natural sciences. He loves any type of outdoor recreational activity that challenges his fears and encourages mental and physical strength and growth. He often asks himself, what is a human life lived, if not to contemplate the inner workings of how and why we exist? Furthermore, how do we cultivate and nurture a genuine connection to the all-encompassing divinity of our existence? These kinds of questions have shaped his worldview, and ultimately led him towards a path as a spiritual practitioner at Diamond Mountain. He considers himself a mystic, with a focus in the study of Tibetan Buddhism and ancient theologies. Other topics of interest he enjoys include eco-architectural applications and sustainability practices, vibrational exploration through music and sound, and engineering. Jack is the perfect choice for a Diamond Mountain Volunteer Manager and Coordinator.


Steward & Volunteer

Joe has an engineering technology degree and worked in engineering for 30 years. He is also a veteran of the army and navy. Most importantly… he is a grandfather of 9!

In 2002 he came across Geshe Michael on the internet and followed his teachings until 2009. When he retired early at 57, he drove out to see Diamond Mountain in person where he worked with a lot very cool people building the retreat valley.

After volunteering at Diamond Mountain for two years he remembered he had a guitar at home in Wisconsin. The next time he came back he brought it along and has been entertaining us and working on his guitar skills ever since.

Joe loves the land is beautiful sparse that goes for miles and we love his calm, grounded energy and sense of humor.

He works with our maintenance team and takes care of our gnarly roads.