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We would like you to know the rules, the Do's & Don'ts. Please let us know if you have any questions, we are happy to answer, and if there are any concerns from your side - maybe we find a solution! Let's talk.

When visiting Diamond Mountain Retreat Center (DM) to participate in classes or retreat, I agree to act according to the following principles. I understand that my failure to follow by the principles below may result in corrective action up to and including my eviction from DM premises. I further understand that I am a guest of DM and that I have no rights other than the rights that Arizona grants to a guest. This guest status is in effect whenever I am on DM property, regardless of how long I remain - whether visiting, camping, or residing in any structure.



I will:

  • Protect life
  • Protect others’ property
  • Respect others’ relationships
  • Speak truthfully
  • Speak to bring others together
  • Speak and act kindly
  • Speak only meaningful words
  • Be content with what I have
  • Rejoice in the good of others
  • Keep a pure world view
  • Use DM resources (water, power, phones, computers, cooking facilities, offices, housing, etc.) safely and responsibly, and in a courteous, hospitable manner
  • Keep quiet times respectfully in all DM locations

Rules of Payment

Remuneration has to take place after receiving the invoice to the account specified. Once we receive your payment your booking will be complete.

Cancellation Policy

We require 14 days cancellation notice prior to your scheduled arrival date. Cancellations and/or changes made 14 days or less prior to arrival will incur the following fees:

  • 50% of your total amount will be charged if you cancel or make any changes from 14 to 8 days prior to your scheduled arrival date.
  • 70% of your total amount will be charged if you cancel or make any changes from 7 to 3 days prior to your scheduled arrival date.
  • 100% of your total amount will be charged if you cancel or make any changes from 2 days prior to your scheduled arrival date.

Car Policy

All drivers must have a valid US or international driver’s license.

The speed limit on the main road is 20mph, on all other roads and blind curves 10mph.

Diamond Mountain’s personal car driving policy in the retreat valley is designed to protect life, yours and others.
We ask that if you wish to drive your own car in the retreat valley that you request permission from Diamond Mountain Retreat Center staff. We generally discourage you from having your own car at your retreat house as it affects the serenity and solitude for other retreaters. We are happy to transport you with your belongings to your retreat house.
If you have been given permission to drive your car in the retreat valley you are not allowed to drive the roads to houses 8, 17 & 24-27. Our roads are narrow, steep and one lane, with very few places if any to pull off. Please consider these circumstances if you request to drive your own vehicle to your house.

   We provide:

  • 24/7 Emergency Calls
  • Fully equipped kitchen incl. Stove & Refrigerator
  • Linen & Towels
  • Drinking-Water (Tap water & water filter in each Cottage)
  • Transportation to and from your cottage on DM premises
  • Check-in: 12am-4pm
  • Check-out: 9-12am
  • WiFi

I will not:

  • Act in ways that compromise the safety of other beings or property at DM
  • Bring any weapons or use them at DM (guns, hunting knives, swords, daggers, archery, etc.)
  • Commit any kind of physical violence or threaten anyone with physical violence
  • Yell or swear, threaten, harass, intimidate, display intense anger or blatant rudeness toward another person
  • Bring or keep any pets or animals onto DM land
  • Disrupt a class, meeting, or another's retreat or threaten to do so
  • Cook or use fireworks, fires, candles, incense, matches, cigarettes, etc. – except in designated areas, with proper safety measures and with permission from DM staff
  • Possess or use alcohol/other intoxicants
  • Smoke cigarettes, pipes, etc., inside community buildings, residences, or cottages
  • Harm myself or others or cause undue concern
  • Reside on DM premises without prior permission

Children are not allowed on DM premises.

Respect all the laws and regulations of all places and countries in the world

Diamond Mountain Retreat Center strives to respect all the laws and regulations of all places and countries in the world, including those where Buddhism may not be an approved practice or religion. Our policy is to not advertise to people in locales where there may be restrictions nor encourage people to attend any of our programs online where they would not otherwise be permitted. We ask everyone who is participating in these events to also respect those laws and regulations as well and to not send information, even in a personal way, to those people and places where our programs may not be permitted.


Dates: Twice yearly. Prior to April “Gift of Liberation: Lam Rim” & October “Arya Nagarjuna Wisdom” Retreats

Program Length: 2-week, 3-week or 4-week programs available

Investment: 2 week program = $250; 3 & 4 week programs = FREE of charge

Positions Available: 10

Open to: Anyone who is spiritually curious or spiritually committed

We provide:

  • Simple accommodations.
  • Meditation, yoga and dharma instruction upon request.
  • Serve for 2-4 weeks and attend the ACI’s “Gift of Liberation: Lam Rim” or “Arya Nagarjuna Wisdom” Retreat for FREE!
  • Transportation to and from Tucson Airport if needed.

“The experience at Diamond Mountain cannot really be reduced to words.  I was able to live my heart’s calling of living and serving retreats.

I was blown away by the embrace of everyone in the community.  You both have an ease to your openness. Thank you for extending me your home and advices.  I am so filled with gratitude.”

-Caitlin MacIntosh, Austin, TX