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Students from all over the world consider Diamond Mountain their spiritual home.  For years, students from a variety of faiths have come to Diamond Mountain to study, debate, contemplate and meditate on Ancient Wisdom.  As such, the staff at Diamond Mountain excels in providing all of our visitors with the ideal conditions needed for solo retreat and self-transformation.

Our knowledgeable staff are meditators with experience in personal transformation and retreat. Our staff members are therefore able to anticipate and support your retreat needs from planning your personal retreat to support and guidance during and after your personal retreat.  We are here to serve you, please don’t hesitate to ask your questions!

The generosity of Spirit was palpable both in the cottage/land and in the interactions with the staff/community.

The retreat valley was incredibly quiet…took a few days to appreciate this. Really facilitated internal quietness

~ Tom McGowen

Diamond Mountain offers 27 unique retreat homes spread across our remote 1,000-acre property. Purpose built for retreat and self-sustainability, all of our houses are all comfortable, beautiful, and charged with incredible energy from years of retreats.  Unique design elements support a retreat lifestyle. The majority of our houses are “off the grid” and run on electricity captured from solar panels, have composting toilets which helps us to save water in our fragile ecosystem and have propane appliances which run more quietly than off-the grid DC powered appliance.

Additionally, most homes were built with passive solar design which allows them to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, are made of natural building materials, and were designed with separate meditation and living spaces to minimize outer distractions during practice sessions.

Most homes were built with sustainability and permaculture principles in mind. Our homes are made from a variety of natural building materials such as straw-bale, earth-bag and adobe. Most of our houses are off-grid and feature 12-volt solar electricity, solar hot water, composting toilets and passive solar design. All houses have clean, running hot and cold water, a full kitchen and WiFi for emergencies. Choose from cozy, simple houses or larger houses that can accommodate a couple or small group.

All homes are fully equipped with self-catering kitchens for preparing your own meals.  At this time, we are not able to offer meal service to individual retreaters, therefore we ask that you come prepared with the groceries you will need for the duration of your stay.  If you are staying with us for 2 weeks or longer, we offer grocery delivery service for $50 plus the cost of 2 weeks of groceries.

Not a meditator? No problem. Artistically-oriented guests find that our retreat homes are an inspirational setting for a creative retreat.  Nature lovers and survivalists love to return to the comfort of our homes after day-long hikes into protected BLM (Federal Bureau of Land Management) land and near-by National Parks.  Anyone who desires solitude and/or nature will feel at home in our Retreat Valley. All homes feature stunning views of our high mountainous landscape.

See our list of houses to book your next retreat at Diamond Mountain.