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Group rates include the use of our beautiful group facilities and outdoor areas.  Our shared spaces are located between our Lower Campus and Retreat Valley  (Check out this aerial video of our grounds.)

Lower Campus group spaces can accommodate up to 125 guests and include:

  • Main Meditation Hall (2000 sq ft)
  • Je Tsongkapa Student Center (1950 sq ft)
  • Outdoor areas incl.
  • A place for fire ceremonies

Retreat Valley group spaces can accommodate up to 35 guests and include:

  • Tara Temple
  • Historic House

Both our Main Hall and Student Center have an A/V system, wireless internet, and are climate controlled.

  • Main Hall – The Main Hall, our primary Lower Campus group meeting space, is made of adobe brick, finished with American clay interior walls and features cork flooring and carpets, and can accommodate up to 125 people. Guests are welcome to use chairs or meditation cushions for seating.  Speakers, a mixing board, and 2 projectors are available for talks and presentations. We also offer translation booths and equipment for rent to multi-lingual groups.
  • Je Tsongkapa Student Center – Located steps from the Main Hall, our mission-style Student Center consists of a large dining hall, full commercial kitchen, small library, covered outdoor porch, and is fully ADA compliant. Here, students can relax and socialize, peruse our collection of spiritual books, and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee from our espresso bar.
  • Outdoor areas – Guests enjoy exploring our outdoor destinations including the Aronov Family Memorial Garden, Labyrinth, and Tara Stupa in the Lower Campus.  And Bear Springs and Blue Sky Dome in the Retreat Valley. Guests also enjoy hiking our new half-mile Nature Trail which extends between the Lower Campus and Retreat Valley.
    • The Aronov Family Memorial Garden is a mandala-shaped permaculture garden located just behind the Main Hall created in memory of the Aronov family and dedicated to all loved ones who have passed away.  This contemplative garden is visible from within the Main Hall and connects with our Tara Stupa, and Labyrinth.
    • Labyrinths are an ancient example of sacred geometry.  Our guests enjoy walking our Labyrinth for a variety of reasons; walking meditation, relaxation, or just for the fun.
    • Our stupa is named for White Tara, a female Buddha who embodies compassion, health, and long life. Our White Tara Stupa contains holy relics, special offerings, and thousands of prayers and was created to… Explore the following links for More Information about Stupas.
    • Bear Spring is a historic spring that has been flowing for over 200 years and was a major source of contention between the Native Americans and the American military during the settlement of the American West.  Our visitors enjoy resting near this place of refuge for so many of our local creatures great and small (our Coatimundi friends in particular).
    • Blue Sky Dome is located in the heart of our retreat valley atop one of our highest peaks. As such it boasts spectacular views of the Retreat Valley and has amazing views of sunrise and sunset (don’t forget to bring your flashlight)
    • Our Nature Trail is a scenic half-mile hiking trail that connects our Lower Campus and Retreat Valley.  Many of our guests enjoy taking this stroll around sunrise or sunset for a meditative hike or simply to enjoy nature.

Our Retreat Valley is located 5 minutes by car or 20 minutes by foot via our Nature Trail from the Lower Campus.  The Retreat Valley is home to our 27 Retreat Homes as well as two mid-sized group spaces:

  • Tara Temple. Our Tara Temple, a mid-sized group event space located in our Retreat Valley, can accommodate up to 40 guests.  Tara Temple is located near the historic Bear Spring within a grove of Black Locusts. Coatimundijavelina, mule deer, fox, and a variety of birds are frequent visitors to this area of the Retreat Valley.  The Tara Temple has full AC power and can be equipped with a modest A/V system. Chairs, meditation cushions, and yoga mats are available upon request.
  • Historic Ranch House. Located just steps from Tara Temple, this registered historic home serves as a dining space for small group events. (( This could be linked information: Our Historic House dates back to 1894 and is mostly comprised of materials and elements salvaged from abandoned buildings at the neighboring Fort Bowie.  For example, the dormers were taken intact from the Commanding Officer’s residence at Fort Bowie. The nearby guardhouse, historic Bear Spring, and reservoir are also contemporaneous with the Fort.  Water was pumped from the reservoir to the army post by hydraulic ram systems, portions of which still remain. ))
Guest Accommodations

Our 27 Retreat Houses are all uniquely designed with simplicity and comfort in mind. Most of our houses are off-the-grid boasting solar power, solar hot water, greywater systems, composting toilets, and passive solar design.  Some of our Retreat Valley houses are accessible only by 4 wheel drive vehicles. We are happy to provide shuttle service in the mornings and evenings if needed, however, many of our guests enjoy walking the nature trail between the Lower Campus and Retreat Valley.

Diamond Mountain offers accommodation options to suit all temperaments and budgets.  Guests can choose to stay in a

  • Private Retreat Home

Houses # 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 22, 25, 26, 27

  • Private Room within a Shared House

Houses # 1, 2, 6, 9, 15, 19, 21, 23

  • Room shared with 1-3 other guests

Houses # 1, 2, 6, 20, 21, 23, 24

In the spring and fall, guests can also choose to bring their own tent and camp in our Lower Campus Campground.