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“Extracting the Magic Marble” by Marco Gonzalez

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"Extracting the magic marble" by Marco Gonzales *** Friday July 2, 8 pm Arizona *** Saturday July 3, 5 am Berlin *** Saturday July 3, 6 am Moscow *** Saturday July 3, 11 am Singapore

“Stupas in Time and Space” by Hanlie and Sunam

Online Zoom

"Stupas in Time and Space" by Hanlie and Sunam Have you ever been curious about stupas? A long time ago, great teachers were cremated, but sometimes they were buried in a seated, meditative position with a mound of earth covering them up. Thus, the domed shape of the stupa came to represent a person seated...

“Stupas: Meaning and Symbols” by Hanlie and Sunam

Online Zoom

"Stupas: Meaning and Symbols" by Hanlie and Sunam A stupa is something mysterious and beautiful. While the overall shape of the stupa closely resembles the image of a seated Buddha, every part of it - inside and out - is infused with meaning and symbolism. The base of the stupa is fashioned in the form...

Replenish the desert. Restore the Earth. By Travis Mueller

Online Zoom

Replenish the desert. Restore the Earth. By Travis Mueller We have been working with Travis Mueller at the University of Arizona and the newly formed Skyharvest to create a lush and green lower campus. Together with Line and Space a replenishment plan for the desert will ensure that every Medicine Buddha pilgrim stay cool as...