Office Lights are Infinite Stars

Office Lights are Infinite Stars

(Bowie, Arizona) “What a great place to work!” Laurie Post beamed as she walked down the mountain from her remote cottage. A film producer from Los Angeles, she said “I got so much done in unbelievable silence and beauty! And there were a dozen deer by the road!” Situated in the foothills of the Chiricahua Mountains of southeast Arizona, Diamond Mountain Retreat Center in southeast Arizona offers the greatest remedy to a pandemic work-from-home lockdown.

While working from home has been the dream of many office workers – without a commute, without expensive dress codes and having to frequently eat out – the WFH environment presents a new set of challenges. The biggest ones are separating activities between personal and work leading to burnout, being ‘over-connected’ to social media, finding a quiet place to work undisturbed, and interestingly, a lack of movement resulting in an even more sedentary lifestyle.

More than two-thirds of workers are experiencing burnout while working from home. And even though these employees are burned out, they’re not taking time off: 59% reported taking less time off than nor- mal, and 42% weren’t planning any time off for self-care, according to a recent survey by Monster.

Then there are the interruptions and distractions of home life compounded with incoming information overload that make us less efficient and effective at work. These are estimated to eat up 28 billion hours a year, at a loss of almost $1 trillion to the US Economy.

The solution? Move your home office away for a few days a week to a remote, unpopulated and beauti- ful location; regularly take a workcation as a digital nomad.

Diamond Mountain, just two hours east of Tucson, can help solve these issues as your office away from home. This is where you check in to a quiet eco-friendly cottage with internet, you can take a medita- tion class in the morning, then work undisturbed until lunch, go to a private yoga class outdoors, work for another few hours, then take a sunset walk in pristine mountains filled with wildlife. Keep the web conference options open or bring a few associates to work with social distancing options that stretch for acres with wide open public areas. Coming to an isolated place with a change in scenery makes an in- spired difference from the work routine at home.

And what a difference in production! PC Magazine advises digital nomads to “leave home to the extent that it’s allowed and safe where you are during the COVID-19 outbreak.”

For more self-care tips from PC Magazine, go to tips-for-working-from-home

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