It’s for the birds!

It’s for the birds!

(Bowie, Arizona) “Did you see that cardinal land just next to Holly’s shoulder?” exclaimed Rose Medina, a Yaqui woman from the San Pedro River area who has frequented Diamond Mountain Retreat Center over the years. Bird watching is a great excuse to get out-of-doors, with or without a lot of physical exertion. Strolling through a local park, or even sipping a beverage from your front porch can reveal the wonders of our feathered friends who live all around us.

According to the Audobon’s Arizona Important Bird Areas Program, the Chiricahuas of Southeast Arizona are home to 375 species of birds; more than half of the North American species migrate through the area. Just two hours east of Tucson, the region offers globally significant bio-diversity with four major ecosystems intersecting here.

If you’ve never enjoyed birding, The Audobon Society says it’s easy to start. A perfect outside activity in these times of the pandemic is to consider joining the ranks of 47 million birders in the United States. And Southeast Arizona is a perfect location. If you’re a novice, this handy primer will give you the tools you need at your side as you relax in your backyard, or picnic by a shaded spring.

Or consider checking in to a remote destination such as Diamond Mountain Retreat Center that offers cottages scattered over 1,000 acres of Chiricahua foothills. All you will hear during your stay are the calls of hawks and the buzz of hummingbirds as they flit around your head while sitting on your porch in the midst of wild open spaces. You might see trogons, finches, quail and flycatchers, chickades, oriels, tanagers, and towhees. Or explore the birds and wildlife on quiet trails with easy access where you might not see another person or building all day.

Grab your binoculars, some comfy walking shoes, and this handy “How To Identify Birds” article here, and be amazed at how easy and fun it is to make new feathered friends!

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