Diamond Mountain Retreat Center Offers 2 for 1 Respite to First Responders

Diamond Mountain Retreat Center Offers 2 for 1 Respite to First Responders

(Bowie, Arizona) Will Duncan, a grievance and hospice counselor pulled off a dusty dirt road and into the parking lot of the Diamond Mountain Retreat Center in southeast Arizona. As he got out of his car he said, “We’re just tired of seeing death every day. My partner, an NP, and I can hardly take it anymore.”

Diamond Mountain, Will’s current destination for his own respite is just two hours east of Tucson. He checked in to a quiet cottage nestled in the foothills of the Chiricahuas where he could meditate, do yoga, and take a break for a few days from his relentless care for the grieving and dying during a pandemic gone wild.

CDC advises pandemic first responders to recognize what compassion fatigue and burnout look like. Now one year into an urgent response mode, they suggest taking regular breaks at and away from work in order to avoid secondary traumatic stress. “When away from work, get exercise when you can. Spend time outdoors either being physically active or relaxing. Do things you enjoy.” Current forecasts for the pandemic are not indicating that an end to the high demand will be anytime soon.

Will and Ann run a retreat center where 2nd level trauma patients can check-in and heal with simple quietude and respite. They offer classes on meditation and yoga and fund the center with their lavender farm (Skull Valley Lavender and Herb Farm). This couple knows well the benefits of restoring one’s state of mind in solitude and makes sure they take advantage of the beauty and quiet to do so.

To build resilience and cope with long-term stress, Diamond Mountain is offering to the heroes of this pandemic “2 for 1” accommodations, with free yoga and meditation classes. Situated in a stunningly beautiful wilderness filled with wildlife, Diamond Mountain cottages are cozy and eco-friendly, with all the comforts that weary first responders need to restore their stability and stamina. First responders in Cochise, Pima, and Graham Counties will be surprised to find the seclusion, simple beauty, and comforts of Diamond Mountain so close.

When booking please add “First Responders 2 for 1” in the comments box. Diamond Mountain is a 501c3

For more self-care tips from CDC, go to https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/mental- health-healthcare.html