Visitors' Guide

Welcome to the Diamond Mountain Retreat Center's (DMRC) Visitor’s Guide! We are really happy you’ve stopped by to see what it’s like here and how you might come and visit, volunteer, and study. Diamond Mountain is beautiful and rugged, remote, primitive, and blessedly quiet. We came here to learn from the land, to allow silence to permeate our minds, to test our concepts by pitting them against the challenges of the environment, to learn to work together, and to help each other and the beings who live here. We developed this visitor’s guide to help you prepare for what we hope is a wonderful visit to DMRC. Please review it completely before you come to volunteer, study, or do retreat.


Diamond Mountain Retreat Center is about 15 minutes from downtown Bowie, a small rural town with few businesses and no hotels or motels. There are two gas stations and a couple of small markets. There is one ATM which is often out-of-order. Willcox, a much larger town, lies 45 minutes’ drive west of DMRC. There are large grocery stores, restaurants, and motels in Willcox. Safford, about an hour north of Diamond Mountain, also has shopping and motels and boasts of a Walmart and Home Depot. Tucson is 1 ¾ hours west of Diamond Mountain and is the very best place to stock up on organic foods and camping supplies. Most people come here by taking a Greyhound bus to Willcox, or by flying into the Tucson International Airport and renting a car or arranging other transportation to our remote site. Please arrange your transportation, food, and housing needs before your arrival. The following pages outline housing and transportation options available to you.

Helpful things to understand about visiting Diamond Mountain Retreat Center

Arizona weather is extreme.  Days can be quite hot while temperatures can fall 40 degrees at night (Click here to see the current weather at DM).   Our altitude of 4500 ft (1370 m) may take some getting used to. You can become dehydrated without noticing, so drinking plenty of water is recommended even when the temperature is pleasant and mild. Diamond Mountain Retreat Center is remote. It is 15 minutes from the nearest town where there are few resources. The nearest full grocery and small hospital are 45 minutes away and we are almost 2 hours from the nearest city.

Most of our current resources, including financial contributions and volunteer labor, go to supporting the facilities, staff, and volunteers.  Yoga and dharma classes are generally held in the Temple. There are indoor bathrooms and one shared space for gathering which we call the "Lounge Yurt".  Visitor lodging on the land may include an available yurt, but most often means tent camping if visitors do not choose to stay in a motel or rental in a nearby town. 

Communication is important to us.  There is one shared computer available, although many visitors and students bring a laptop.  Wireless internet is provided as well as an emergency phone with local service only.  To call long distance, you will need a calling card.  Cell phone reception depends upon your provider (Verizon seems to work the best here).  Pets are not allowed at DMRC.  Visitors are asked to fill out the DMRC Participant Agreement, Behavior Policy, Medical Information Form and Release of LiabilityPlease visit the Volunteering page for additional information on volunteering.