Join the Tsun Che Work-Study Program

Diamond Mountain is now accepting applications for the all-new Tsun Che Work-Study Program, bringing a new culture of volunteering to DM, planting the seeds to always have joy in the heart while doing good things.   Please come and volunteer at DM!

Click here to go to the Tsun Che Work-Study Program Page

3-Year Retreat Update to sponsors and friends

from Geshe Michael Roach

Geshe Michael has written an update on the three-year retreat, from his experiences with the retreaters and Diamond Mountain on the road.

Click here to read the 3-year update from Geshe Michael

NPR: Silence and Devotion at Diamond Mountain

Arizona Public Media, the local NPR and PBS affiliate, recently published and broadcast a story on Diamond Mountain and the Great Retreat.  You can read the short description, see pictures, and hear the radio story at here.


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