"If you go to a Lama, and they say to you, 'No, I’m not teaching Tibetan language, I’m not teaching books, I’m not teaching rituals, I’m not teaching meditation or retreats, or how to be a monk or nun.  I’m only teaching how to serve people,' then if you are kelwa sangpo, if you are a person of incredible good fortune, your heart leaps to hear it said.  We teach serving others.  You feel a chill up your spine.  You start to cry.  Finally, I found someone who is teaching the right thing.  And your heart knows that’s true. 

So when you come here to learn, you must think only, ‘I’m coming to serve.’  It’s such a relief to hear someone say it.

–Geshe Michael Roach, Diamond Mountain Spiritual Director

In Tibetan they call it tun-kyen: all the conditions inside and outside of us that we need to actually reach Enlightenment, ourselves, before the day we die.

This is our vision for Diamond Mountain.  Being a volunteer at Diamond Mountain not only provides one with a place with these conditions, but also an opportunity to help create these conditions for generations to come. 

Volunteer Guidelines
The volunteers at Diamond Mountain have always formed a vibrant community.  It can be a very creative opportunity to bring one’s unique skills and assets to Diamond Mountain, and to help us form our future.  Above all, we believe it is imperative to bring your practice with you and to make this the foundation of your stay here. 

There are many ways to volunteer, and these are described below. If you would like to find out more or arrange a stay at DM, please call the DM message line and leave a message for the Volunteer Coordinator at (520) 261-3457 or email volunteers@diamondmountain.org.




Visitors (Up to 10 Days with lodging at DM)
Visitors are welcome any time at Diamond Mountain.  Visitors may camp for up to 10 consecutive days in order to participate in DM events, classes or volunteer opportunities. Be sure to bring your own tent, camping equipment and food. No cooking is allowed, but microwave and refrigerator space may be available. Anyone wishing to stay beyond a 10-day visit is welcome to review our Tsun Che Work Study program and fill out an application to join.
If you wish to visit or stay overnight, please click here to fill out the registration packet 
If you have any questions about visiting, please e-mail the Volunteer Coordinator


Commuting Volunteers (Daytime projects, no overnight stay)
People who live in the area or wish to provide their own off-campus accommodations and transportation are invited to come and join us for daily activities at DM. These may include meditation, yoga, classes, events and volunteer opportunities. However, please keep in mind that the facilities at DM are reserved for the resident program participants. You can check our online calendar for classes and practice session times.
If you wish to come and help out as a Commuting Volunteer, please click here to fill out the registration packet
If you have any questions about visiting, please e-mail the Volunteer Coordinator



 Tsun Che Work-Study Program (More than ten days with lodging at DM)
We are pleased to offer a work study program for our committed volunteers.  Tsun che is the Tibetan word for one of the most precious qualities of a spritual teacher: their joy in making great efforts to serve their students in any way possible.  This program allows participants to deepen their spiritual journey through service and study.   Each volunteer will have opportunities to serve retreatants, maintain our facilities, and build the karmic seeds to get the most out of your personal study, meditation and practice.  To fully experience the benefits of this program, a minimum stay of one calendar month is recommended.  While we cannot provide a stipend, each volunteer will be assigned a living space (yurts and trailers) and will be offered two meals per day.  Work hours will average 20 hours per week, with two days per week off.  A typical month long program offers the opportunity for daily yoga and meditation sessions and a full course from the ACI offerings. 
Please note, the Tsun Che Work-Study Program is currently full, but you can find more information and inquire about it here


Long-term Volunteers (Full-Time Staff)
Every member of the team at DM is a volunteer. There are a number of long-term positions central to the smooth operation of DM.  If you would like to learn more about these positions, please see our Organizational Chart.  You can click on any title to see a job description for that position.  If you are interested in becoming a long term volunteer at DM, this is the place to look.